Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Aladdin's Cave'

Rating:2 User: ABU

A rather poor platform game where you collect objects and avoid monsters. You have to get all the objects in each screen before you leave or you won’t get the chance to turn into various animals that are needed to complete screens later apparently. I never found out. It’s not easy but the main problem is it's pretty bugged to my mind. Your man doesn’t always jump when you want, you can get jammed when you jump or are on the ladders, the walls and platforms seem rather un-solid occasionally, and sometimes you die for no reason at all. I swapped to keyboard from joystick but although the jumping got a bit easier, the other problems remained. It’s a shame really as the demo hints at many different screens to explore. The graphics are large though a bit undetailed and the sound is limited to when you die and the title screen tune. Anyone looking for an undiscovered gem to rival Manic Miner or Dynamite Dan will be disappointed and I’d say there was a good many average platform games that are more playable than this