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Review of 'Tantalus'

Rating:4 User: The Dean of Games

1986 Quicksilva Ltd (UK)
by Paul Hargreaves

Tantulus and Terminus are two marvelous action maze games.
Technically speaking both games are very well written, very smooth, fluid and fast. The plot is also very straight forward and easy to get into. The ultimate goal is the assassination of a deviant in the world in which Tantalus is set in, but in order to achieve this, you will first need to open the 32 doors, firing at the lock activators dead center. Each time an activator is opened, a door, located somewhere in the Fortress, will be removed, permitting access to deeper areas.

Initially this will require patience, which may discourage a few due to the huge size of the Tantalus world. But rewards soon appear as you progress deeper in the game. If it's too big a challenge for you, you could instead just wonder around, shooting aliens and overcoming obstacles, and you will still have fun with it. The sprites are above average and do their job competently. The use of colour is great and without any color clashing. As adventure shooters games go, Tantalus and Terminus are both excellent, addictive and very playable.