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Review of 'Rock'n Roller'

Rating:3 User: The Dean of Games

1988 Topo Soft (Spain)
by Rafael Rodriguez, Ace and Gominolas

I really disliked this game when I first bought back in '88.
But nowadays I think it's bit better that I actually remember.
The main goal, from circuit to circuit, is to build a prototype car using the pieces (interrogation points) scattered around each circuit.
It's not a particularly pretty game, mainly because the lack of color, well in fact there is color, but in monochrome. The first screen is the blandest, all white. In regards to the gameplay, well actually unlike many Spanish games, it's quite playable and not that hard, even smooth, compared to most. The letdown being the direction changing. I find it quite charming in fact and mildly addictive, It reminds me a couple of older games, like Tranz Am and another I can't remember the name.