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Review of 'Aladdin's Cave'

Rating:3 User: The Dean of Games

1985 Artic Computing (UK)
by Keith Purkiss, M.A. Trace and D.J. Burt

Aladdin's Cave is another platform game following the footsteps of Jet Set Willy but with some new features. Initially it looked to me more like a Manic Miner catch-all-objects-move-to-next-level type game, but it's not. You can move freely from screen to screen. In each you have to catch all shiny objects (treasures), but there is an order to do so, and some objects serve different purposes. Some transform you into a specific animal, and with it's abilities you can reach some objects otherwise unavailable to plain normal Aladdin. It's this particularity that makes the game slightly different from the bunch (remember this was 1985).
The main goal is to catch all objects, find the Wizard's lair and destroy him, then return all the way back to the first screen, all the transformations will be very helpful.

The game was written by some of the authors of Tales of Arabian Nights, which as the same theme but there is no relation between the two games.