Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Tales of the Arabian Nights'

Rating:3 User: ABU

Apparently this was based on a coin-op called Arabian which i've never played, nor can I remember another spectrum version so maybe it wasn't much good to start with! On the 1st screen you have to collect the lettered jars spread around a ship in the right order so they spell ARABIAN. Stopping you are a bloody annoying bird, a cannon and an octopus. I got to ARABI and then had to watch a video run-through in the tip shop.

The graphics are big which means you really have to employ split second timing to avoid the unforgiving collision detection. Also climbing the ladders and jumping takes a bit of practice as its very exact, and once up, you sometimes can't get down without dying! It all has to be done in a certain order, at the right time and one mistake and you're back to the beginning - frustrating. Next its a sideways scroller on a river avoiding obstacles and that's as far as i got, although the demo shows more platform screens. Thing is, the Spectrum is spoilt for platformers with around 20 v.good to excellant examples, and probally the same amount of decent ones, so unless you want to play an average one with the hardest 1st screen ever i wouldn't waste your time. I only persevered because i wanted to get past the 1st screen to spite the programmer!