Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Millionaire'

Rating:3 User: ABU

I bought this when it first came out, and it kept me occupied for a few weeks. You are the owner of a software house trying to be the new Ultimate. At the start you decide if you want to specialise in a certain type of game and also the general qualities of your software (originality, playability etc). Each month you have the options to write games, port to another computer, manufacture tapes, and book advertising. At the end of the month you see how well you've done with sales and profit. There is also a character called Honest Harry who can throw a few iffy games your way, but beware as sometimes the law catches up with you.

I'd say this game hasn't aged well, and suffers from menu syndrome where you become acutely aware you're just playing a repeating loop of options. The menu of one-off options to boost sales is particularly baffling (You can only get your games reviewed one time only? Really??). There's also the simplicity. You can't name individual games or make any development decisions about them. Once released you don't get reviews or any sort of feedback. They are just out there, and the individual success/failure of each game is anyone's guess apart from total sales figures.The only thing that seems to make much difference to sales is how much you spend on advertising, which is maybe not that far off real-life I guess, but even massively advertised games tended to fail if they were rubbish. I easily got to move into the mansion and despite things getting harder over time,I still ran at a profit before I sold-up out of boredom. It's okay, but to my mind, Addictive's Software Star is a much more detailed and involved game and is far better for it.