Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Hover Droid'

Rating:2 User: YOR

This game confused the hell out of me. You basically go around collecting items on the screen and you can fly your droid across gaps, hence it's name. But, you fly up automatically and you can only move left and right and never up and down, which creates confusion. Also, items can only be collected sideways, so if you land on an item tough tits, you have to move beside it and collect it from its side, this too creates confusion. Then you have a letter platform that has to be landed on before pressing down to activate it, this also creates confusion, especially on level 2 where underneath it is water, you activate it and then you drown for your troubles. It looks quite nice but the game's style and logic is a mess. I'm guessing the game's author Stewart “Stew” Fordyce, who wrote one other game on the Spectrum which I'll look at next, wrote this game looking for a publisher and no-one picked it up, and after playing this myself I can see why nobody did. Good lord that was a mess.