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Review of 'Mad Arrows'

Rating:1 User: YOR

The story so far.....

The village of Womponia, no that's not a real place it's just a pun on Wompa Software, the publishers of this game, is full of harmless villagers. But now some strange arrows have appeared and they fire occasionally killing a person or two. You were elected to help. Note that you “were elected”, you don't want to and you never asked to but a group of people gathered round and decided you were the one to fight these arrows, “ah he's a bastard and I don't like him, let's get him to do it”.

And how do you save these people? By controlling a green bat to block the arrows reaching them. And in some cases you will never ever ever ever ever EVER reach them, because you are on one side, the arrow is in the other and you are simply not quick enough to reach it. And when anyone dies they become a cross, and when the arrow hits a cross they die again because they become zomies. After 15 kills the game ends, and indeed my game ended on 15 kills and it said they're all dead, excpet I had about five or six people that weren't hit so I can't help but feel cheated. Wow, that was bad.

It is worth pointing out that this is Womba Software's only game, it is also worth pointing out that the author Danny Ingram isn't even credited on the database which is a bit mean unless his name on this game is some joke I'm missing like Star Control having Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys credited as the programmer on the game's loading screen. Or perhaps he doesn't want his name credited on this game because he's ashamed of it, and after one solitary go at this game I can't say I blame him if that be the case.