Spectrum 2.0

Review of '2088'

Rating:3 User: ABU

A strange hybrid of a game that borrows so many ideas, it almost becomes original. You play a Jetpac-like spaceman in a frenzy-type square room protecting jelly monster aliens as they make their way to your rescue ships. A large meteor splits into numerous asteroid-like boulders once hit, and to add to your problems, travelling along the bottom and sides of the screen are two laser guns that occasionally fire missiles at you in a gridrunner-like stylee. Once you have saved the required amount of aliens, you board your ship and traverse an asteroid belt until its back to rescuing aliens on the next level. The graphics are decent, flicker free and quite colourful, and the action gets quite hectic as you progress. A decent budget SEU that suffered in Crash from one of the reviewers taking an intense dislike to it.