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Review of 'Biz, The'

Rating:5 User: ABU

If you like strategy games with a hint of humour (and I do) then this is about as good as it gets. Written by the man who became paper-mache headed Frank Sidebottom (I kid you not), I spent many a happy hour trying to get that elusive No.1. You start the game as a rather bad band desperately trying to get into the charts. With lots of rehearsals and gigs you gradually become good enough to attract a decent manager and release your own single and get into the chart countdown. Do well enough and the major labels come knocking and the sky’s the limit. Pitfalls include your rival band (they nick your band members), drugs (you’ll find out) and Paul McCartney, but if you get that Documentary you could be on Top of the Pops. About time someone did a remake of it, because it’s a bona fide classic.