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Review of 'Atic Atac'

Rating:5 User: pet1

I specifically recognize this title to bring me deep memories. It was along with Manic Miner the first software I could see and play in the Speccy.

Excellent, it deserves no less.

Graphics are almost at the highest level.

Interaction with in game sound, use of colours, difficulty management ... everything fits correctly.

The use of humour also gives it a great boost.

I remember that my uncle showed us Manic Miner and this one, but the first one more times. I liked both of them but Manic Miner got me tired sooner and I developed more love for Atic Atac.

On the one hand Manic Miner posed an amazing challenge, with a very high quality, in-game music and increasing difficulty. But you had to start from scratch every time you died.
On the other hand with Atic Atac you had the choice to explore with more freedom, and that detail tipped the balance to Atic Atac.

Details in both titles were exceptionally well achieved, giving it a true experience (I only remember these two games although there were more; these 2 are just the ones that amazed me) for a 9 years old.

And here you got it, Atic Atac / Manic Miner , 2 reviews for the price of one.