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Review of 'Vampire's Empire'

Rating:3 User: manu

Vampire's Empire (1988)
This could be an excellent videogame, if not for a series of serious flaws.
It has a huge map, full of funny details. Some foes are integrated in the background itself!
At the beginning, you get caught out of guard and the monsters suck fast your energy.
Good to have a great deal of instruments to accomplish your mission. Indeed, You are the Master Van Helsing!
In the technical aspect, the action is quick and flow thanks to use XOR graphical impression. But here and there, a bit quantity of graphics are chaotic in itself, you don't have to see the character mixed with a background to not being able to realize if that is the graphic in itself or there is a bug, or something.
Maybe it's worth to see "Historical development graphics" in WOS to check that, aside of excellent individual sprites, there are some ruined ones. Maybe it was because this is the least important version of Vampire's Empire, being behind the C64, Amiga etc. In fact, it could be that, being german programmers, they opted for those different plattforms as the priority effort, given that sales of ZX in Germany were low; or maybe they ran out of time!
In any case they fell short of doing an excellent job, but not for much.
Overall, 3.5/5