Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Rebel Planet'

Rating:5 User: arda

To excersise English (which obviously I'm not very successful on it) I was playing and still been playing adventure games on zx spectrum. I've tried so many text adventures, and I've learned that generally text adventures need a special skill to play them, sometimes they have almost impossible to solve puzzles, too much dying and save-load tape operations, you need to try every combination of items to solve a riddle.

Rebel planet is adapted from a roleplaying gamebook written by Robin Waterfield. The game is the one of the rare adventure games which make sense, highly playable because it's not so hard. Your inventory won't be filled with items with you don't have a clue what are they, puzzles won't make you pull your hair out and rush to walkthrough.

Game is tecnichally impressive too. You can use ram save option to quickly restore your last checkpoint. Graphics are in high-res, very detailed and fast (sometimes animated). I don't know what kind of adventure engine are they using but Adventuresoft's engine is one of the best.

By the way, Adventuresoft is not a small company, they become Horrorsoft later and produce Elvira, Simon the Sorcerer and Wax Works.