Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Elite'

Rating:5 User: arda

Elite.. Now, what can I say, well, it's the game that defined space-trading-combat genre.

I was so ignorant about this game at first, and so naive to play it successfully. Only years after I learned it's value. Nowadays I'm a frontier player, and now I can see elite is the part of "elite universe" storyline, and still holds very important placemark in elite trilogy. You cannot judge this game based on playability/gfx only, because it's a full experience with books, maps, stories etc.

Spectrum version is still a nice implementation despite fact that it's a cut-down version, but the game itself is very simple by "concept", and speccy version does the job very well.

So, because it's a classic I have no choice but giving this game a full, much earned, "excellent" rating. it is *the* game. And congrats, you found it.