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Review of 'Time Machine'

Rating:4 User: WhenIWasCruel

by Vivid Image (Mevlut Dinc, Raffaele Cecco, Hugh Riley), Shaun G. McClure

This is a completely forgotten peculiar arcade/adventure although it was a YS Megagame, a Crash Smash and a Sinclair User Classic too. It's different, but difficult. As a mad professor trapped in temporal distortion, You have to recreate various eras of the evolution starting from running after small primates, teleport them in the safety of a cavern and allow them to develop. As you carry some tasks out, future time zones open up and you can move between the various time zones to keep the progress going, and you can see how what you did in a previous era develop in the future eras. Graphics are monochrome but detailed and well animated. Surprisingly, even legendary Raff Cecco was involved in this creation by Vivid Image for Activision.