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Review of 'Jetpac'

Rating:5 User: pet1

Jetpac(1983)-Ultimate Play The Game

Well, I'll try to elaborate:
Although my initial feeling (and rating) is that Jet Pac deserves 4 out of 5 points, you have to take into account the [almost] revolutionary nature of this excellent piece of software in ...1983!!!
And if that's not enough, the code fits in a 16Kb Spectrum!!!

The most playable of the 8 or so games pack that came with Spectrum + in 1985.

Plenty of remakes based on it through the years that make a well deserved homage.

A true example of what can be achieved with programming skills, talent and know-how

Funny, good looking and tested to the tiranny of time

Back in its days, it was excellent for the newcomers, an instant fav for my sister and cousins.