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Review of 'Video Olimpic'

Rating:3 User: The Dean of Games

1984 Dinamic Software (Spain)
by Snatcho, Santiago Morga and Luis Rodriguez Soler

This game is obviously inspired by Konami's arcade classic "Track & Field" like so many other clones of the time.
It's not the best to have been made by any means, but it's playable enough, specially if you enjoy this sort of Olympic themed games. I myself am a fan of these games and have playable countless similar games, and although this is one of the weakest efforts, it's still provided me a few happy moments. It's a bit simple looking with clumsy play, and once you look at the cover tape you quickly realized how amateurish the authors were. It's clearly a retouched copy of another image with the heads swapped off for new ones (and quite ugly too).

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