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Review of 'Bestial Warrior'

Rating:2 User: The Dean of Games

1989 Dinamic Software (Spain)
by Julio Santos Garcia, Raul Lopez and Deborah

I really wanted to like this shoot 'em up, but there are too many flaws to it that it's hard to be generous even if wanting to. Not in the coding department but just some options the authors did which can spoil a game.
The difficulty level for one is high which is quite common in Spanish games, and can detract some players from enjoying it, so a moderate playing mode would be more sensible. But yeah, maybe I'm a lousy player.
Then there are some amateurish details like every enemy killed being instantly replaced for an equal one in the exact same spot where it first appeared. That was common in some older games, but in 1989? Well I could go on bickering, but I wont bother, the game is still playable and fun, just a little amateurish and outdated.