Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Maziacs'

Rating:4 User: Matt_B

Based on an old favourite for the ZX81, Mazogs, this was one of the early Spectrum hits for DK'Tronics.

You control a stick man in a maze populated by monsters, the aforementioned Maziacs. You need to locate some treasure, indulge in some fights, preferably armed with a sword, and make your way to the exit. Some prisoners will show you the shortest route, but they won't be too concerned about whether it's safe or not.

The graphics are a bit simplistic but well animated, particularly the fight sequences. The game does show its ZX81 heritage with the blocky movement though and the original is arguably more charming.

Also, the random maze layout can vary between trivial and nigh impossible from game to game. Still, it's a neat little effort that still stands out for the original touches.