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Review of 'Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles'

Rating:5 User: Emlyn_Hughes

The first Ninja Turtles adventure for the Speccy is an excellent game. It is really colourful like other titles from its authors but this is their best work in my humble opinion. The enemies don't respawn without end like it happens in their other games. That could sound a small difference but for me it improves the gameplay a lot. When you kill the bad guys in a section, it makes sense doing so and you get the satisfaction to know that you are safe there unless for whatever reason you need to go out and back again. Besides, every turtle has his weapon and his mask colour... well, is not exactly like TV but close enough for the ZX. The difficulty is also in the good spot, not too easy but doable if you persist. The sound is not great, it has a 48k intro tune and while you play it has its beeps and zaps but no ingame music. If only it had had a 128k tune it could have been remembered as one of the best speccy games.

The David Perry and Nick Bruty team also gave us other great games like Savage, Extreme, Dan Dare III, Smash TV, Tintin... So, if this one could be considered their best, then this game is definitely no trifle