Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Nemesis'

Rating:4 User: The Dean of Games

1987 Konami (UK)
by Cyclone and Stuart Ruecroft

This Spectrum conversion of one my Konami favorite arcade games is as reasonable as it is disappointing.

The game is playable, fun, looks good, but it's missing the addictiveness of the arcade game. True, the Spectrum as it's known limitations, but I've seen better conversions made for the Spectrum than the originals themselves, and the same could have been applied to Nemesis. Nonetheless, the game is still lots of fun, although graphics are just suitable and the limited sound (reduced to a few beeps) turns me off sometimes, but if you put that aside together with some unpolished collision detection, sometimes too sensitive,sometimes not working, you get a pretty good shoot 'em up.