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Review of 'Starburst'

Rating:3 User: The Dean of Games

1991 Crash (UK)
by Jim Gardner

For the year it was released this game can't be considered good in any way, it's too ordinary and done better before. It's a basic shoot 'em up, slightly addictive but not all that fun to play, Jim Gardner made most of his games with a too slow character movement which spoils some of them, this is the case with Starburst. The other ships and overall enemy fire move faster, this doesn't make the game much harder, it just makes the game more boring. The game had originally featured on Your Sinclair's Crap Game Corner in October 1990, but later in August 1991 got "promoted" to a covertape from Crash Magazine. Maybe the consensus was it wasn't all that crappy. It's true it isn't crap, it's very average.