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Review of 'Way of the Tiger, The'

Rating:3 User: WhenIWasCruel

Will you succeed in becoming the strongest and fastest pyjama-wearing fighter in this three-staged oriental game?
I surely won't.
The first stage is characterized by unarmed combat against a sequence of opponents in one-on-one fights, first a ninja identical to you, then wicked knife-wielding gnomes, some eerie spirits, a sort of minotaur trying to pierce you with his horn, and finally a big fat orc that shakes the ground when threateningly walking toward you. Substantially, you have to find the right combat move for each opponent and insist with it until he's defeated. Which is rather boring.
The graphics have nice cinematographic touches, though. The second stage consists of pole-fighting on a trunk over a river against skeletons and such, the third is about sword-fighting.
The game received rave reviews at the time, but, frankly, except for some of the graphics features, I can't see why - although it's sufficiently playable and there is a variety of moves that makes it superior to most beat'em up's.