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Review of 'Ant Attack'

Rating:4 User: Juan F. Ramirez

Released in 1983 by Sandy White for Quicksilva, it featured 'Softsolid 3D', a very innovative isometric perspective back in the day.

The game takes place in the Walled City of Antescher, surrounded by desert dunes and inhabited by dangerous ants.

You must select being either boy or girl (another original feature of the game) and rescue your mate that waits you somewhere in the ancient city and escape from the city. Your weapons are only a bunch of grenades. There's a scan that indicates the direction to reach your mate. You can also change the perspective of screen.

The black and white graphics are simple so are the sounds, but the playability is excellent. It's really exciting walking around an empty city with the possibility of terrific ants appearing at any moment.

Considered a gothic horror game back in the day, it's also generally considered the first survival horror game in videogame history.