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Review of 'Back to Skool'

Rating:4 User: Juan F. Ramirez

Eric is back again in this funny sequel to the excellent Skool Daze.

This time with a school for girls down the road and new characters like Hayley or miss Take. And the classics Boy Wander, Angelface, Einstein, Mr. Creak...

Once you stole your school report in Skool Daze, you've been forging a 'new' report during the holidays so your mission in this new school year is get it back to the Headmaster's safe.

Stink bombs, water pistols, riding a bike, even kissing your girlfriend are the new cool features in this game, what make up for the obvious lack of originality.

To sum up, if you loved Skool Daze, you'll love Back to Skool as well.