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Review of 'Krakatoa'

Rating:4 User: The Dean of Games

1984 Abbex Electronics (UK)
by Paul Reynolds

One of my all time best loved games and a classic on it's own.
A simple idea nowadays, although original at the time but very engaging. The game features an Heli rescue from the island were volcano Krakatoa as just erupted, mixed with this tragedy where humans need to be rescued, there is also an air strike
and submarine attacks (there is no explication to this attacks whatsoever so just go with game). You as the pilot of a military rescue Helicopter must do your best not only to save people stranded on land or lost at sea, but also destroy enemy fire for damaging the tank-ship. The game happens in intervals of waves of attack, in some of this waves the volcano erupts without warning (or if you drop bombs on it), and people will appears on land needing rescue.
This is were the game gets tricky...
There is also a radar which is not only a very original and ahead of it's time feature but also very useful.
Krakatoa is still an addictive game and I still play it now and then, it's still challenging after all this years, the only quibble is the keys which are not well chosen and need some getting use to.

By the way... here are the keys:

0-drop bombs
CS to SP-change direction
W-rope down (you can leave the rope down at all times)
R-rope up