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Review of 'Batman: The Caped Crusader'

Rating:4 User: Juan F. Ramirez

Another great Batman adventure from 1988 as good as the previous 1986 game by Jon Ritman and Bernie Drummond.

Both released by Ocean, this time the game coded by Special FX (the great Joffa Smith, Charles Davies, Karen Davies and Keith Tinman) uses an original visual interface made of comic strips and caption boxes. Even the bat logo appears when the scene changes, as in the 60s TV series.

The game consists of two separate missions, both starring the two most evil Cape Crusader's enemies: 'A Bird in the Hand' where you must avoid the Penguin making an army of robots to take over the world. In 'A Fete Worse Than Death' Robin has been kidnapped by the Joker and you must rescue him and defeat your worse enemy.

You must progress through the game by solving puzzles and interacting with different objects using an icon system, and also fighting different enemies that hang around.

Very good graphics and sounds, a cool intro tune and touches of action and adventure make it an original game nobody should miss it. Excellent artwork by Bob Wakelin.