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Review of 'Dynamite Dan'

Rating:4 User: Juan F. Ramirez

Dynamite Dan by Rod Bowkett for Mirrorsoft is an excellent plattform game that can be considered as an 'enhanced' Jet Set Willy. Detailed and colourful graphics, sounds, different tunes and a high difficulty level define this game.

Dynamite Dan, top agent, must enter evil Dr. Blitzen's mansion and steal his plans of a new and terrific weapon. To do this, Dan must find the 8 dynamite sticks (randomly located in every game) to blow the safe where the plans are hidden.

The mansion consists of 48 very detailed screens, also full of enemies. Dan arrives at the top of the building in a zepellin. He can use weapons, food, and even an oxygen bottle to survive in the river at the bottom of the mansion. A raft is an option to cross it. There are other features that make this game a cool adventure: teleports, tightropes, trampolines, ...

In short, a great plattform game with lots of nice features, hard to play though, and a sequel with the same quality.