Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Firelord'

Rating:4 User: Juan F. Ramirez

A stunning game by Stephen Crow. It was her first work for Hewson after coding succesful hits like Starquake or Wizard's Lair.

Torot, a cursed kingdom by the Evil Queen, waits the arrival of Sir Galaheart to be released by recovering the sacred Firestone.

A giant labyrinthine map (too giant, maybe) made of hundreds of screens forms the game. The excellent graphics, sounds and frenetic action reminds us of Ultimate works like Atic Atac or Sabre Wulf.

Torot has a lot of inhabitants to meet and trade with, to get various services like spells, food, weapons, ... what makes the game more than a shooter, a true classic Spectrum adventure.