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Review of 'Alien 8'

Rating:4 User: Juan F. Ramirez

The second Ultimate's filmation game is as good as the first one, Knight Lore.

With the usual quality graphics, movement and sounds in an appropiate atmosphere. This time we control a robot inside a space ship that carries a cryogenically preserved race on a long journey. The robot are in charge of maintaining all cryogenic systems on board. An alien penetration makes the robot act quickly and its mission is to find thermolec valves spread along the ship, each one must be put into the correct socket, all in a limited time.

The same search of objects as in Knight Lore, but this time not to be thrown to only one place (Melkior's Cauldron) but in different sockets along the ship.

A new cool feature is the remote-control robots that help you reach some valves otherwise it's impossible to reach them.

Basically is Knight Lore with different graphics but the same playability. If you loved the first, you'll love Alien 8.