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Review of 'Nosferatu the Vampyre'

Rating:4 User: Juan F. Ramirez

An atmospheric horror adventure based on the classic film (based in turn on the excellent Bram Stoker Novel).

In a moment in which isometric games started to saturate the market (many of them didn't stand out) this game came out with a surprisingly good horror atmosphere.

The game has three parts: Dracula's castle, the town of Wismar and Lucy's house. You are Jonathan Harker and must escape from the castle and go to Wismar to fight against the vampyre and finally kill him with the help of Van Helsing and your girlfriend Lucy (you can control the three characters in Wismar). Vampyre beasts, rats, bats and other terrific creatures will try to stop you in your mission.

A very interesting game by Piranha with correct graphics with just a little 'objection': a repetitive tune that after some minutes makes you get mad.

Fortunately you can turn it off.