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Review of 'Fantastic Voyage'

Rating:4 User: Juan F. Ramirez

One of those games we all have fond memories of.

This Quicksilva game by John R. Edmonds has the name of the classic sci-fi film in which you are a scientist that have been miniaturised to enter an human body to save his life by searching and collecting several parts of a submarine and escape, all in a limited time (60 minutes). From time to time a infection appear at certain part of the body and you have to stop the search and go to it to cure it by using your laser before the temperature reaches a mortal level.

Growths will block your path and should be destroyed with white cells you have previously collected whereas red blood cells increase your waning energy.

A very original plot recommended to those who love exploring, this time lungs, heart, liver, throat,... all in a very entertaining adventure.