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Review of 'Bump, Set, Spike!'

Rating:1 User: The Dean of Games

1986 Entertainment (USA) / Mastertronic (UK)
by Paul Ranson, Peter Ranson and Ray Owen

I owned this game in '86, but I put it aside very quickly the reason being it's completely unplayable. It borders utter rubbish. It's not because of it's simple looking graphics, neither the small playing area. It's just because it's unplayable! You may practice it so much and never became good at it. The way the game is written and designed makes it a pain to play, besides all the 5 common keys (movement and fire) you have 2 other keys you use to select the player you want, that by itself makes any game harder, but when properly written it's just a matter of practice, but that not the case with B,S,S!. Because besides the keys being unresponsive sometimes, there is limited movement to pass the ball or simple shoot, namely no diagonal positioning, this not only makes the game limited but also hard to play and score. Dreadful.