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Review of 'Hudson Hawk'

Rating:4 User: The Dean of Games

This game is based upon the Bruce Willis movie of the same name. I don't think I saw the movie and honestly judging by the review I don't think I will. About the game, well most reviewers say it's great and think it redeems the movie, so I gave it a try, because it was unknown to me.

First impressions were not the best, the initial presentation seems a bit sloppy and dull. Then I started the game. I can't say I was overly excited with it, it didn't impress me in the way I was expecting, not because it isn't good just because my expectations were a lot higher. That said, I must agree with most reviewers who say this is a great game. It's very well written, with a great movement routine that reminds me of Super Mario. The games goal is simple but interesting, a bit of a mix of Super Mario and Sir Fred. Sound is also quite good with nice tunes mixed in, and there's humor here and there which adds dept to some characters. The overall graphic presentation is quite nice, although some animations, namely the tennis ball throwing are not so good.
Still this is a very exciting game which I recommend to any platform fan.