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Review of 'Maritrini, Freelance Monster Slayer en: Las Increibles Vicisitudes de Despertarse Resacosa con Fred en la Cama y Tener que Llegar Mas o Menos Puntual a la Prueba de "Monstruos Vigorosos de Pechos Lustrosos" featuring Los Fratelli'

Rating:3 User: The Dean of Games

2012bThe Mojon Twins (Spain)
by na_th_an and Anjuel

This game features a cast from other media, like the Fratelli family: Francis, Jake, and Mama the family from the 80's classic The Goonies and George Clooney's pet pig. You move Maritrini around collecting a few items and doing some basic morning tasks before reaching for the car and driving away to the studios of the movie “Vigorous Monsters with Shiny, Manly Chests”, that's in the name by the way. Along the way you have bombs you can use, they will explode in a similar fashion as another well known game I can't remember the name now. The game is colorful and cartoonish looking, the Mama from the Goonies movie is spot on. The game itself is a but of a so so, the clunky movement is not that great and there are several things that annoy me, characters appear unannounced which spoil the progression, this randomness should not happen in games from the Millennium.