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Review of 'Prva Akcia'

Rating:3 User: The Dean of Games

1992 Ultrasoft (Slovakia)
by Radoslav Marusa

Another violent game by Slovak programmer Radoslav, translated roughly to english as First Action (google translator credits). He also wrote Kommando II and both Panthoms F4. This game relies a bit more on the adventure side than previous efforts, a bit like Saboteur. Our character Arnold Dubovsky, which looks just like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the loading screen, has to rescue his beloved Monika and the bank director Viktor, both kidnapped by a gang of bank robbers. So he goes after them inside the bank with kill on his mind. There are elevators, computers and passwords to input including a security 4-digit number code known only to the bank's director. Every enemy as a name of it's own and an individual picture, this seems so because you have to kill all 10 of them in order, from A to J , but don't take my word for it because it is possible to kill them in no order fashion, I just don't know if it'll work in the end. My guess it's not, because same areas are hard to reach without passwords and the kill order may influence the results. Remember the game is written in Slovak, so a lot of the messages that appear are completely unreadable to me, I'm relying on try and error.

If you choose Keyboard the keys are your usual, O,P,Q,A,M