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Review of 'Phantom F4 II'

Rating:4 User: The Dean of Games

1992 Ultrasoft (Slovakia)
by Radoslav Marusa and Marek Forray

Part 2 of a great war shoot 'em up flip screen game. Features a new intro, new backgrounds, the use of grenades but mostly is the same game as the first. Still it plays like a modern Green Beret although with less features. You can't use knifes or special weapons, at least that I'm aware, instead you just have a machine gun. Also you can't duck or jump, which would make the game more interesting, instead you catch energy boxes, and other objects along the way, this is more a straightforward shoot 'em up Graphics, backgrounds, animation all very well drawn. A bit on the difficult side but very playable and addictive.
If you have problems in setting the keys, due to the game being written in Slovak, the following may help:

When you see a screen with the words:
-Kempston Stick - press Key K to enable Kempston Joystick
-Ano Nie - press Key N to redefine keys

Translation for the keys:
Hore - Up
Dole - Down
Vlavo - Left
Vpravo - Right
Strelba - Fire
Left or Right+Down will throw grenade

Then press one of the keys you've redefined, except K otherwise it'll set up the Kempston.