Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Elite'

Rating:4 User: winston

Elite is one of those games that has the privileged spot of being the starter of a genre. And with good reason, too. It really did feel like a universe squeezed into an 8 bit computer, and it fired the imagination. Extras that came in the box, such as "The Dark Wheel" novella, added to the Elite experience.

Unfortunately, the Spectrum version had some technical shortcomings compared to the original BBC Micro version - the controls felt sluggish, and the game didn't seem anywhere near as smooth as the BBC Micro version, which as others have observed, have caused the game to age badly - especially in comparison to the BBC version which personally I find much more playable. Other irritations that detract from the Spectrum version are the appallingly bad Lenslok protection scheme - like all protection schemes quickly hacked out by pirates, meaning pirated versions were better than the rather expensive legally bought game. In my case, the Lenslok barely worked with our ancient TV, and nearly left me with a useless game.

These flaws were not fatal to the game, and it was still good in its day. The Spectrum version did fire the imagination, and I played the game all the way to "Deadly" when it was new on the Spectrum. However, now I have the choice, I would rather play the BBC Micro disc version.