Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Sir Fred'

Rating:4 User: Juan F. Ramirez

The sequel to Fred takes place in the middle age. A valiant knight, Sir Fred, must rescue a princess imprisoned in the castle. It's a beautiful map that consists of dozens of detailed and colourful rooms: the moat, stable, bedchambers, throne room, ...

To reach his objetive, Sir Fred should use multiple objects and weapons and has the ability of swimming, fighting, running, climbing, ... being his movements one of the hardest points, with that inertia thing that made it difficult to control, being sometimes exasperating to reach certain places.

The excellent point of this game is that depending on the position of the objects (not always at the same place) there are different ways to rescue the princess and therefore end the game (58 game patterns) so we can say each game is a different adventure.

There's an absence of music and very few and poor sounds that don't avoid having a nice gaming experience. Definitely one of the classics of the spanish software of the 80s.