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Review of 'Up for Grabs'

Rating:5 User: The Dean of Games

1988 Summit Software (UK)
by Don Priestley and Steve Jerrard (loading screen)

Now this is more like it. It's a strategy based game, which immediately reminds me of another game by Don, the classic Dictator.
The theme however is very different, I don't have the instructions but for what I have gathered this is basically a race on a fictitious country called Lefttoto, (does that ring a bell?). You start on foot and have to gradually build up a route, where you will buy and sell stuff, like supplies or for instance a mule for transportation, also trade with natives, including making schemes with them to slow down our opponents, avoid soldiers in war zones, retrace better routes, etc. The main goal, at least initially is to reach Lumbago seaport with £5000. Conditions change continuously, that includes weather conditions or the way the villagers or soldiers look at you, which forces the player to use diplomacy and other tricks to keep at peace. The game can be played against 2 to 8 players. I suppose this is the reason the game is less known, there is no computer opponent. Talking about opponents, there are lots of traps to use in order either to slow them down or to annihilate them, some are really fun. This is a great strategy/simulation game, a lot more complex that I can review, and if you love this sort of games you will certainly love this one.