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Review of 'Running Man, The'

Rating:2 User: ste72

The Running Man game is based on film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger which in turn is based on a Stephen King book.

Here Arnold Schwarzenegger portrays a character named Ben Richards, aka The Butcher of Bakersfield, who is framed for the Bakersfield Massacre, where hundreds of civilians were killed during a rally. During his escape from police custody he is discovered by television host Damon Killian, who is played by the late Richard Dawson, who as a presenter was most famous for hosting Family Feud, the US version of Family Fortunes. Killian wants Richards to participate in his hit game show The Running Man, where criminals are chosen to compete and have to run, fight and survive through a series of professional killers, known as stalkers, including Professor Subzero, Dynamo and Fireball.

The movie I particularly enjoy, but the game though does it very little justice.

It does feature an ok intro with a pretty nice “I'll Be Back” speech, but it is played with music which, to the best of my knowledge, doesn’t relate to the film.

While the intro can be seen as passible, the gameplay is a major letdown. The jump is appalling and the punch is absolutely useless. Most of the time you’re punching in thin air without doing any damage to your opponent. So you are better off kicking your opponents instead, and especially dogs, because kicking a dog replenishes your health, only in computer games.

I find that the game isn’t truly that bad, the fighting is alright as long as you kick your opponent rather than punch him. However, getting your way through the level is the main chore of the game because of his jump, the level design and the randomness of the dogs.

It's worth pointing out also that the graphics are not that great as well as there is no hint the characters in the game are even from the movie, because it looks nothing like them, especially the stalkers. But you would think that being a licensed game an attempt would have been made to make the main sprite look a little bit like Arnold but it doesn’t.

The Running Man is not completely terrible, I found it to be a little more playable than I expected and compared to others, but it is still a pretty bad game and it is safe to say the movie is much, much better. I am just thankful I got this in a compilation with three better games included along with it.