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Review of 'Addams Family, The'

Rating:3 User: ste72

This game has all the makings to be a classic. Stunning colourful graphics, pure platforming gameplay and excellent music and sound all stand out to make this an exceptional title.

There is just one problem, it's really difficult. Too difficult.

The controls are a pain and controlling Gomez is the catalyst of its faults. If you look at most other platforms games the main character usually moves at one speed most of the time, but for some reason Gomez moves at an accelerated pace, which while realistic doesn’t go well with the game and only makes things more confusing that it needs to be. His jumping is a pain also because he jumps so high.

This drawback is a significant one because it largely affects hows the game plays and how you play the game, for the most part badly. It’s one of the most important elements of a platform game and on this occasion Ocean got it badly wrong. As a result of this I did not see a lot of the game until I saw a walkthrough.

This could have been one of the finest games on the Speccy and from Ocean if not for the awkwardness of controlling the main character. Instead it is a classic case of what might have been.