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Review of 'Rugby Manager'

Rating:2 User: YOR

Three years after Artic's poor attempt of a Rugby Manager, it was Mastertronic's turn to provide a Rugby Manager game which also cost £2.99. At least with Artic's game you get to choose the team you wanted to manage, here you are always the manager of Salford, don't like it? Tough. And at least the Artic game separated your lineup by position, this doesn't and thus you can place your reserve players anywhere in the lineup, simplistic yes, realistic no. This game has a match screen as well and it features just a bar to determined the area of the play and match commentary, which works, because at least there is passing and at least when you're tackled the attack continues, you can't see it but at least the game describes it. However, there is no sound at all. Also, Salford are crap and will get hammered pretty much every game. I could see myself getting into this much more than Artic's version because at least this works, but it gets boring quickly and likely won't keep you interested for very long anyway. Sod it then.