Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Laser Squad'

Rating:5 User: Sard

This really is one of the finest strategy games on the Spectrum it has to be said. Julian Gollop, with this release, took the very best of the excellent "Rebelstar" formula he had previously gifted the ZX world, and wrapped it up in a graphical make over, and control system simplification. With these changes, it soon quickly became a game that brought non "strategy heads" on board to the delights of this space based classic.Even hard core shooter fans couldn't deny the fun to be had in firing rocket grenades into a room full of enemy troops, and explosive gas canisters. What a blast !

A great game for both 1 and 2 players, its 5 scenarios (plus few more released later) offer good variety and game time.
Much of the attraction is the way that every game plays different to the next, with the (sometimes dodgy)CPU AI, usually offering a challenging and unpredictable opponent.
The replay value is in trying different ways and tactics to obtain your objectives, and so the variety of weapons, amour and starting positions, allow the player to try out new plans of attack.

In short..it never gets dull.

Some very good news with this game, is that the Speccy version is by FAR the nicest of the 8-biters, and even the fancy music and more colorful graphics of the 16-bit releases, can't disguise the rather sluggish control system they had. IMHO.. the Speccy 48k (and more so the REMIX 128k) version is the best one there is !

Alongside Chaos, this is largely considered Mr Gollop's best work.. and for a very good reason.

A Classic.