Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Cyberball'

Rating:1 User: ste72

I never bought this on the Spectrum and so when I did play it on an emulator the first time around I thought it was an emulation issue, surely it cannot be this slow. But no, it is the real deal and it is truly gutting. :(

The arcade game isn’t like the most spectacular game but it was good fun, so I hoped and somewhat expected this to be just as fun, but it is not and far from it in fact.

The slow pace is a killer and it is not the only problem the game suffers from. It is unresponsive for the most part, the graphics are poor and the sound is terrible. There is a lot wrong with this port.

This was a real shame. This could have been a really fun game to play had it lived up to the same thrill and excitement of the arcade game, not perfectly but just as fun at least, but it is a million miles away from it. Very very poor and very disappointing.