Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Knight Lore'

Rating:5 User: Matt_B

Whilst the honour of being the very first isometric arcade adventure on the Spectrum goes to the earlier Ant Attack this game was arguably even more revolutionary with a 3D landscape where you could interact with some memorable puzzles involving objects that need to be positioned, moving platforms and the like.

Being a pioneer in the genre isn't all good though and Knight Lore suffers a little from lacking the sort of positional cues that later games such as Head Over Heels add to stop you misjudging the depth. There are also a few nasty moments where even knowing precisely what to do will not necessarily save you from an undeserved death. Mercifully though, neither issue is a game killer and an experienced player can easy restock lives lost from the copious bonus ones to be found.

The graphics are the usual top draw mixture of cuteness and artistry that you'd expect from an Ultimate game of this period, and the neat touches of animation add greatly to the atmosphere of the game.

Nearly all the Ultimate games up to this point are iconic to some extent, but this is one that still stands out as something beyond that. An indisputable classic.