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Review of 'Movie'

Rating:5 User: The Dean of Games

1986 Imagine Software (UK)
by Dusko Dimitrijevic, Dragoljub Andjelkovic, F.D. Thorpe (loading screen)

Just like 'Contact Sam Cruise' released that same year, you play the role of a private eye, who's goal is to recover an incriminating audio tape from the Mafia. To do so you must first contact a girl who has the right information of the whereabouts of the Mafia's base. And so the plot unfolds...

Movie was one of those games that grabbed my attention right from the start, the cool presentation, the atmosphere of the game, the beautiful graphics, all kept me going and exploring, even if I had no idea of what to do.
The nice details such as the TV set turned on (with white noise as the one only show), or the well decorated rooms, all add to go and explore the next room.