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Review of 'Everyone's a Wally'

Rating:5 User: The Dean of Games

1985 Mikrogen (UK)
by Chris Hinsley and Neil Struwick.

The third game in the Wally Week series.
Guide Wally's gang thru Wallyville, find the scattered combination numbers to open the safe and pay up the gang!
Seriously, this as to be one of the most emblematic games ever made to the Speccy, at least for me, excellent cartoon graphics, lots of color, a great city to explore, a good plot and an array of characters that everybody could relate to, reminding the TV series 'The Young Ones' (check out their game also).

This sort of game, was kind of a novelty back then, and even if you didn't know what to do, you could enjoy it just by exploring the city! Of course the writers didn't plan a Wally world just so you can wonder around the city, there is a plot, which I consider very compelling and with a nice depth to it. A true classic in my eyes!