Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Orc Attack'

Rating:5 User: The Dean of Games

1984 Creative Sparks (UK)
by Phil Snell and Dean Lock

Brilliant. One of my most loved games. Neat graphics, good colours, nice sound, great play. I only regret having so few levels.
Defend your castle against the invaders that try to destroy it. Besides the soldiers you have to defeat the Sorceror's and the Demon Trolls. All fun, but the Orc soldiers level is the best, its great fun to throw rocks at the soldiers while they try and climb the ladders. And the hot boiling oil is a nasty but most fun feature.
The booklet mentions a fourth level called Stone Warts, but I never seen it and cant recall anyone who has played it. Judging from Crash Magazines review and my experience with the game, I'm safe to say that it's a bogus level on the Spectrum and you just return to the soldiers attack again. On the Atari and Commodore version, for what I'm aware of, there is in fact this level and another one called Ninja Orcs, that climb the castle walls without the help of ladders. I haven't played any of these two levels on those machines, so I cant tell what they play like, but I can ensure that there isn't any Stone Warts level on the Spectrum. Which is a real pity, for this is a really good game.

4,5 points