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Review of 'Running Man, The'

Rating:1 User: YOR

Having painfully played Moonwalker the other day I felt it was time to look at another movie licensed game from Emerald Software, yes because Moonwalker was a movie, a loose one but still it's a movie. Here we have The Running Man, a film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger who plays the role of the “Butcher of Bakersfield” Ben Richards as he participates in America's most dangerous game, The Running Man. While it isn't really one of Arnie's most standout films it's still memorable and enjoyable, but this game however? Well, it's a shambles and really what did you expect? In this game nothing works, not the kicking, not the punching, not the jumping and not the running, nothing. You spend more time being knocked over by a dog and falling down holes more than anything, so by the time you reach the first stalker, which I assume is Professor Sub-Zero because he carries a hockey stick, your energy is nearly completely sapped. What chance do you have with such pathetic jumping and fighting? And so Emerald have provided yet another stinker of a movie licensed game, but really were we expecting anything else?

And now I'd like to close this review with one of the more famous lines from the film. “Hey Killian, here is Sub-Zero, now, PLAIN Zero.” Which is frankly the score this debacle of a game deserves.